About Los Paisanos

Los Paisanos de El Chamizal is a group of volunteers who build financial and material support for the programs of the National Park Service at Chamizal National Memorial—the first National Park Service unit to celebrate Peace. Dedicated in 1966, the sister parks in El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juárez, México commemorate the end of a long border dispute between México and the United States. The message of resolving international disputes through diplomacy and cultural understanding is central to the mission of the Chamizal National Memorial and Los Paisanos de El Chamizal.

The aim of Los Paisanos de El Chamizal is found in its mission statement:  To nourish public and private support for the Chamizal National Memorial.

All activities are designed to be in keeping with and supportive of the primary goal of Chamizal National Memorial, that is, to bring “Inter-culturally accessible performing arts, visual arts, public open spaces, and educational programs that exemplify the highest achievements of cultural exchange and peaceful cooperation, as embodied in the spirit of the Chamizal Treaty of 1963.”

The following are the organization’s officers and members:

  • Ms. Nancy Kaufman—President
  • Mr. Victor Mireles, Mireles Creative Inc.—Vice President
  • Ms. Katherine Brennand—Secretary/Treasurer
  • Dr. Susan Paun de García, Associate Provost, Professor of Spanish, Denison University—President of AHCT (Association for Hispanic Classical Theater)—Los Paisanos Board Member and AHCT Liaison.
  • Karina Bugarini, Cultural Attaché, Consulate General of Mexico-Liaison with the Consul General de Mexico
  • Ana I. Flores Estrada, member and director of culture, City of Juarez
  • F. Gus Sanchez, General Superintendent, Chamizal National Memorial & Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
  • Dr. Matthew V. Desing, Assistant Professor of Spanish Medieval and Early Modern Literature, University of Texas at El Paso—Academic Liaison and honorary member
  • Hon. Mari Angeles Gallardo, Former Honorary Consul of Spain—Past-president

Los Paisanos de El Chamizal is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.