Association for Hispanic Classical Theater (AHCT)

$30 for 30

2014 marked the 30th anniversary of The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater.

For 30 years, the AHCT has supported the performance of classical Hispanic theater, in Spanish and in English.  The Association has worked closely with Los Paisanos de El Chamizal and the US Parks Service to ensure the continuity of a vibrant festival in the difficult economic environment of recent years.

As a member of the AHCT, you are aware of the importance of the AHCT’s

  • Our video recordings of plays presented at the Siglo de Oro Drama Festival at El Chamizal National Memorial, as well as our archive of recorded plays from around the world, are available to AHCT members for borrowing and, in some cases, streaming.
  • AHCT members have developed a series of video lectures and studies of Golden Age drama available to AHCT members.
  • Our digital library of searchable and downloadable texts of more than two hundred comedias, autos sacramentales, and entremeses in Spanish, comedies in English translation, several useful bibliographies, including a lengthy list of plays available in English translation, and various other teaching and study informational materials, is open to the world.
  • The AHCT encourages young scholars to attend our annual conference in El Paso, and awards the Everett Hesse Travel Award to the best graduate student paper.
  • Our journal, Comedia Performance, is unique in its focus on diverse aspects of performance, including staging, translating, performance theory, performance history, historical issues such as audience, corral design, and spectator response, as well as interviews with directors and actors, theater reviews, and book reviews.
  • As the year draws to a close, we invite you to make a special donation of $30 to help us maintain and increase these important endeavors.

Please go to the AHCT web page and click on DONATE.

Or send a check made out to AHCT to the following address:

Susan Paun de García, President AHCT
2371 Cambridge Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43221

Thank you for your continued support of Hispanic classical theater!