About the Festival

The Siglo de Oro Drama Festival has been held at Chamizal National Monument continuously since 1975.

The festival features the Golden Age of Spain through plays and soliloquies. These productions help us understand a culture which has had a significant impact on our own in the United States southwest and in México.

Theatrical production companies and other groups that produce Siglo de Oro plays are brought to El Paso by the Chamizal National Memorial for the five-day festival. A different play is presented each night. Some productions are also presented in Ciudad Juárez.

Admission is free and tickets can be obtained only at the night of the performance at Chamizal National Memorial.

Los Paisanos de El Chamizal and our friends in the community are proud to support the continuation of the festival to further our understanding of the political and social dynamics which continue to influence who we are today. Read more about the Siglo de Oro period in Spain.

We welcome new friends who are willing to reach out to seek support for The International Siglo de Oro Drama Festival.

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